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Wedding Guidelines, Policies & Preferred Referrals
(Revised 1/27/13)

Wedding & Special Events Coordinator

Our Coordinator has worked with many couples and groups over the years and understands the complexity of careful planning. She is familiar with the Ranch staff, grounds, meeting spaces, inventory, and general guidelines to assist you with creating a unique and memorable occasion. This service includes pre-event consultation, planning and on-site service coordination throughout your event to ensure a smoothly run experience. A planning guide is developed for the day of the event and is shared with the hosts and key service providers.  

Contract Information & Event Insurance

A signed contract is necessary for all functions held at Westerbeke Ranch. The contract requires an initial deposit and details the cancellation and payment policies. You will also need event insurance that can be obtained through your homeowners or business policies. Wedsafe and Private Event Insurance have websites and provide another private option.

Cleaning & Breakage Deposit

Cleaning and breakage deposits are to cover excessive damages and will be assessed immediately after departure. This deposit is due with your first deposit payment, and will be refunded within 30 days of departure, if there are no claims against the funds.

Service Charge & Sales Tax

A 15% service charge will to added to the lodging and meal portion of your event. NOTE: The State of California has determined that mandatory service charges are taxable but non-mandatory gratuities are not. California sales tax will be applied to the food and service charge portion of your final invoice. Local occupancy tax will also be applied to the lodging portion of your final invoice. These charges cannot be precisely determined until departure as they are based on consumption and items actually purchased.

Babysitting Services

It is important that you consider using the service of reputable babysitters. Bringing your own, whom your children already know and are comfortable with, is best. Our pool is exposed and it is very hard to attend a celebration and watch your children at the same time. We understand that children are a part of family celebrations, all we ask is that you follow these simple guidelines in order to ensure the children's safety and comfort.

 Children must always be supervised by an adult.

Parents/supervisors must clean up after their children.

No children are allowed in, or around, the hot tub or pool without an adult.


Even though there is plenty of parking available at Westerbeke Ranch, we encourage car pooling. Please advise your guests to ride share.

Guest Occupancy, Maximum

Overnight accommodations maximum: 50 guests. Talk with us about other options.

Event maximum: 120 guests

Rental Items

The Special Events Coordinator will work with you to determine what you will need to rent once you have designed your ceremony, meal and dancing plans. Please remember that heaters are sometimes needed during early spring and late fall events.


Indulge yourself with a relaxing and therapeutic massage by one of our professional staff. These services can be arranged through the office. 

Disabled Access

It is important to confirm whether you have any disabled guests, especially those in wheelchairs. We have two special parking areas, one accessible bedroom with toilet and temporary ramps. Since the Ranch was constructed in the 1930's, and is located on a hillside, we have limited access, especially for overnight accommodations. We need to know this information prior to your arrival.


Coffee, tea, juices at breakfast, bottled water, lemonade and iced teas are included with your weekend package. You can order your alcoholic beverages directly through us or you can bring your own. Let us know which you prefer to do. We can only accept delivery of your beverages beginning the Monday prior to your wedding. Please mark your beverage boxes indicating your last name, date of event and which meal they are to be served with so that we do not inadvertently mix them with our own and we will also know when they are to be served.

Catering Services

The Ranch is well known for our fantastic cuisine and we do not allow any outside catering, except for wedding cakes. Our chef can also make exceptions if you would like to incorporate favorite food items or beverage into your menu design.               


Family, friends and word of mouth is usually the best way to find an officiant. Be sure you are comfortable with the officiant's style and approach to marriage and relationships, and your officiant needs to be licensed to do the honors. Please remember that the actual ceremony, and the timing of wedding service, will be orchestrated by you and your officiant and it is important to relay that to them prior to your rehearsal.

Wedding Cake Bakeries

Even though we cannot make your wedding cake, our chef can provide a lovely dessert buffet and you may bring a ceremonial cake to cut. If you would like a wedding cake, we recommend the following local bakeries:.

Auntie Bs                          (707) 584-4269          www.auntiebs.com

Perfect Endings                (707) 259-0500         www.perfectendings.com

Cake Coquette                 (415) 248-6840         www.cakecoquette.com


We have included the following names of fine local photographers who are not only familiar with the Ranch but offer a wonderful range of artistic talents

 Paige Green                       (707) 775-8048     www.paigegreenphotography.com

 Art & Clarity                         (707) 257-1166     www.artclarity.com

Diane Askew                       (707) 939-7506     www.dianeaskew.com

Adi Nevo                               (415) 235-3416    www.adinevo.com

Decor & Floral  Designs

You will need personal flowers for the wedding party and the ceremony. Whatever flowers are used for the ceremony site, can be used again for the buffet, and then again for the wedding cake/dessert area – we will move them for you. In addition, we suggest a floral arrangement for each dining table and four or five mid-size arrangements for the bar, welcome, appetizer, and other miscellaneous tables.  Some people have floated various flowers in our pool. Since we have a lip on the edge of our pool, we cannot have free floating, lit, candles in the pool unless they are contained inside something that inhibits the candle from floating under the lip and burning it. We recommend the following local florists and highly suggest that you use their services.

Viola Flowers                         (707) 338-2003  www.violaflowers.com

Lavender Floral                     (800) 566-9901  www.lavenderfloral.com

Star Five Designs                  (707) 935-7575  www.starfive.com

Daisy Rose Floral                  (707) 337-3260 www.daisyroseflowers.com

Poppys Petalworks               (415) 806-2950 www.poppyspetalworks.com


Acoustical music can be played indoors or out, but, amplified music and microphones are not allowed and all music must conclude by 10:00 P.M. We have very strict guidelines set forth by the Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department and need to adhere to their quiet by 10:00 P.M. ordinance. Please refer to our Event Music Guidelines form for more clarification. We have included the following musicians who can offer types of music that are well suited to the environs of Westerbeke Ranch. iPods and CD’s are simple and add a personal touch to music at your celebration. If you are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of locating musicians – consider the services of the two music brokers listed first.

 Folkloric Productions (510) 243-1122  Nada Lewis-Music Broker www.folkloric.net

Napa Valley Music Associates (707) 252-8671  Marcia Battat-Music Broker www.napavalleymusicassociates.org

Los Compas (415) 378-6348  Latin Music www.miguelgovea.com

Adama - Achi Ben-Shalom (510) 528-8872  Traditional Jewish Folk www.adamamusic.net

Mark DiVita (650) 762-9793  DJ www.markdivita.com

The Klez-X (510) 658-4528  Traditional Jewish Folk www.klezx.com 

Harmonics Steelband (510) 799-6553  Authentic Caribbean Music www.associatedentertainment.com 

Baguette Quartette (510) 528-3723  Vintage Parisian www.baguettequartette.org

 DJ Crimson (510) 717-9205  DJ www.djcrimson.com

Reminders & Restrictions